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Steve G. 3

by David Kennel | 13 April, 2022 | Steve G. 3

Third time just recently was 16 inch diameter dead/dying oak tree between the garages of the neighbor and me. Tree shed a branch and part went through my living room window and other part was hanging on another branch that was about to fall and tree did not look like it too far behind falling — kind of toward my garage. They were able to get a crew out the next day. Again, it was like watching a well-choreographed production. The guy in the cherry picker was cutting back the other trees for access to the big one and another fellow waiting for the branch to fall fall. I don’t think any branch spent more than a few seconds on the ground before if was dropped in the the truck bed. My neighbor noticed I called Miller and Sons to do it and said they are the best and have all the equipment. She commented she hired someone else for some work, I guess a little less expensive, but they were not on time and didn’t clean up good.