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Adam J.

by Jonathon Hewitt | 06 July, 2021 | Adam J.

These guys were great. They gave a free estimate. It was quite reasonable considering I needed removal of a large palm, and trimming of 5 very large oaks. I did not move forward right away, but instead waited over 6 months. When I contacted them wishing to proceed they honored the original quote and got me scheduled for just a few days out. They showed up with serious equipment (multiple trucks and lifts) and probably about 8-10 guys. They were very friendly. They made quick work of the trees – dropping the palm without hitting a nearby fence and light pole. And they cleaned up all the fallen leaves and branches really well. Things were much cleaner after than before they arrived. And trimming of the oaks looks great. They left a lot of canopy but helped direct things up and away from the home. Overall my wife and I were very pleased and only wish we had done it sooner.