Land Clearing

by Sean Miller | 13 June, 2021 | Land Clearing

Land Clearing and Excavation are usually not associated with a tree service company. However, in the case of Miller & Sons, due to our high investment into our profession we have the equipment and expertise to merge these services into our tree service company.

Our land clearing and excavation services include land grading, land leveling, land contour correction (drainage), tree removal, as well as excavating for septic systems. We also offer complete site development of your property with drainage control plans and utility staking to create a finished project that is not only beautiful but functional.

We have invested in the equipment and personnel that are necessary to handle a project of any size.

Land Clearing
Land clearing, simply put, is the process of taking a raw piece of land and making it usable for someone to build on it.

Although defined simply, the process is a very calculated one. A clear understanding of the end goal for the property must be established prior to a clearing project to begin. Once a goal has been set, designs, surveys, and communication between the clearing company and property owner must all be completed with great detail.

After all avenues of the project are clearly defined, the process of removing unwanted rocks, plants, trees, and any other unwanted elements can begin.
Land clearing done correctly can save property owners thousands in extra expense later in the construction process. Construction companies also reap the benefits of properly cleared land, as their build time and labor costs are significantly reduced.

Getting the right company to evaluate and clear your land is a key component in ensuring you get the most for your money, and that the work is done right.

Excavation, just like on this page, happens after land clearing.
Excavation is the process of digging to make a hole in land, earth or rock and then removing the material.

The excavation may be done as a type of mining (e.g., coal), waterway construction, road building, tunneling for transportation purposes such as rail or subway systems, land development and more. At Miller & Sons, our focus is on the land development side of excavation.

Just like we mentioned in land clearing, excavation must be done correctly to avoid any trouble with land stability.

The excavation process is critical for land development because it requires more attention than land clearing and can have a higher cost associated with it, depending on the type of material that needs to be dug up (i.e., contamination).

Why Choose Miller & Sons for your Tampa area Land Clearing and Excavation Project?
Miller & Sons has the experience to make sure you’re aware of what’s needed to get the land ready for your construction before the process begins. Alternatively, some companies will bid or quote a project lower on the front end and then add thousands in cost after the project has started in what they refer to as “unknown” costs.

In addition to the experience, these projects take a significant investment in equipment, training, licenses, permits and people to make sure they are done correctly. Miller & Sons have made those investments and used them for over 10 years for our clients.
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